multi camera live streaming tips

Professional quality live streaming using multiple cameras

10 multi camera live streaming tips for a professional quality live streaming event.

1. Live streaming helps grow your audience

People can participate who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend in person. The meeting can be viewed anywhere in real time, to potentially thousands of viewers, with or without, interaction. The immediacy of this online medium is making it an important way for companies to grow their audiences.

2. Video quality is important for live streaming

If your content is not captivating, your audience might not continue watching.  You can use just one camera, but if you want to make it look professional, use multiple cameras, or at least two for visual variety.

Here’s how to make your livestream more engaging:

  • Use a professional video production setup with multiple cameras that capture different angles for maximum impact.
  • Use live switching so that all video and audio sources can be switched in real time to your audience.
  • Broadcast in high quality TV resolution 1080p.
  • Audio feed should be tied into cameras direct from the sound board for highest quality. 
  • Use lower thirds titles to introduce your keynote speakers.
  • Picture in picture format can engage your audience when presentation slides are being shown.
  • Split screen to show presenter on one side and presentation slides on the other side.
  • Presentation slides can be wirelessly integrated in real time when slides change.
  • Pre-recorded video segments can be included and add a dynamic touch.
  • Streaming to major streaming platforms including Zoom, Facebook and YouTube etc.
  • Simultaneously streaming to multiple platforms for maximum audience exposure.
  • Doing a live demonstration of your product.

3. Prior planning prevents poor productions

Consider all the logistics before a live stream and plan a rehearsal to make sure everything runs smoothly. Make sure your live stream company conducts a site survey before the event to check venue connectivity.

4. Consider the use of a video riser platform

Check with your production company to see if a video riser would be necessary. A video riser is a rock solid platform for your videographer to raise their cameras above participants’ heads. This will give a clear view of the presenters without distractions.

5. Use branded graphical slates

Make sure your graphic design department creates branded slates that will be shown prior to your livestream. For example, the slates could display, “The live stream will start shortly” or “The live stream will begin after lunch at 1:15pm etc”.

6. Use a fast ethernet connection

You can live stream with a minimum of 10mbps, but ideally aim for 20mbps plus. The faster the UPLOAD speed, the better the result for your online attendees. Slower speeds will produce a buffered result and will make the stream almost impossible to view. Avoid the use of wifi connectivity. Only use wifi if there is no alternative.

7. Multi camera live streaming is ideal for:

  • Corporate meetings
  • Music and theatrical events
  • House of Worship congregation meetings
  • Training and educational videos
  • Seminar and webinar meetings for giving and discussing of information
  • Conference events
  • Sports events 
  • Panel discussions
  • Public town hall meetings for discussing matters of common interest

8. Audiences want something new and exciting

Your audience want to see something exciting with an element of surprise. That’s the beauty about capturing the live moment.

9. Consider a live interactive Q & A

You might consider doing a live interactive Questions & Answers session at the end of your live stream. This can be done live or by chat.

10. Monetize your live stream

Most social media platforms allow you to monetize your livestream with pay per view, donations and live tipping. You will probably need to meet a certain criteria to use this support.

We hope these tips are helpful for understanding what is necessary to produce a professional multi camera live stream event.

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