Our new ATEM Black Magic Design Television Studio 4K Pro allows us to film and switch live events in UHD 4K.

Quality and excellence!

Using this switcher for your live event is an efficient and fast way to create top level high end quality 4K recordings.

We especially use this for:
– corporate live events
– concerts
– seminars
– public and private celebrations, etc.

We can switch between multiple cameras, presentation slides, video clips all with broadcast quality transitions, graphics and effects!

Live switching minimizes post production and is a cost effective method as everything is switched on the fly. It also allows us to provide a very quick turnaround time for the final recording.

Way of the future – Live streaming in 4K

Live streaming in 4K is now possible depending on network infrastructure speed and bandwidth. 4K live streaming is cutting edge technology and is the way of the future. It’s only a matter of time before streaming in 4K is the norm. 4K live streaming pushes a lot of data through the pipes, so 50mbps UPLOAD speed is recommended from your venue, compared with 8 – 10mbps for 1080p.
In fact, higher upload speeds are recommended to avoid drop offs and buffering. And, just for the record, not every platform supports streaming in 4K. YouTube and Facebook, as of 2023 allow 4K streaming. It is always best to test the stream from your venue prior to the event to make sure the stream will broadcast successfully at the higher resolution.

If your venue’s network is not sufficient, we can internally film in 4K and simultaneously stream in standard HD 1080p to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Vimeo and Zoom etc..

Filming the Digital Marketing Strategy Summit in Menlo Park using the Black Magic Television Studio Pro 4K switcher

Filming the Digital Marketing Strategy Summit in Menlo Park using the Black Magic ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K switcher 


Alan Cash Video Production and Editing
ACV have live streamed countless important events around the Bay Area and beyond. We have years of experience and technical expertise to make sure your live stream event will be a total success!


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