Alan Cash Video (ACV) films Marianne Williamson live at UC Berkeley

Alan Cash Video (ACV) films Marianne Williamson live at UC Berkeley

Marianne Williamson, a force of nature in the political arena, has returned to the spotlight. Despite the polarizing opinions surrounding her, Williamson’s unwavering dedication to her presidential campaign has taken her on a nationwide tour over the past year.

Despite her perseverance, Williamson’s current presidential bid has received minimal attention from mainstream media outlets. Central to her message is the urgent need to diversify political representation beyond the traditional two-party system. Unfortunately, her efforts have been met with much resistance from within the Democratic Party establishment, underscoring any entry for new candidates outside the political mainstream.

Three months ago, faced with dwindling funds, Williamson made the difficult decision to suspend her campaign. Yet, last week, after much contemplation, she chose to reignite and UNSUSPEND her political journey, reinvigorating her campaign with renewed determination.

As a videographer, I’ve had the privilege of filming and live streaming many of her events across the country, including a memorable 2020 US Presidential Event shoot alongside Deepak Chopra in downtown New York.

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Eleventh hour
This time, I was fortunate enough to be called upon at the eleventh hour to film her whirlwind visit to the Bay Area, capturing her passionate message at Wheeler Hall on the Berkeley campus.

If you’re curious to hear Marianne Williamson’s perspective firsthand, I invite you to watch the Berkeley UC Campus event through the provided link below.  Her message is a testament to the importance of amplifying diverse voices in our political dialogue.

Despite the impromptu nature of the shoot, the event was a sharp reminder of Williamson’s ability to captivate audiences with her eloquence and historical insights. Her discussion, ranging from the origins of the nation to contemporary challenges, offered a compelling storyline that go beyond partisan divides.

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