Pre-Production Phase

The pre-production phase is a planning process, critical to the success of your video project.

We specialize mainly in four categories of videos:

Start by thinking about which video is most appropriate for your project. It could be a combination, so think about which one fits your goals and expectations. The more thought and preparation you put into planning your video, the greater its chance of success.

The following pre-production phase questions will help you get on the right track as you plan your video project.

1. What is your budget?

It’s helpful to have a ballpark figure of how much you want to spend, and it’s important to know your limits.

2. What is the goal or business objective for your video?

Are you trying to sell more widgets? Do you want to increase brand awareness, drive ticket sales or launch a new product? What are the key messages that you want to convey in the video and why do you want to create it?

3. Who’s your audience?

It’s important to identify the audience that is going to buy those widgets/services etc. What do they need or want? What’s the problem to solve or opportunity for them?

4. How would you like your video to be narrated?

Do you want voiceover, animated text titles, talking heads? Think about this before you start, because each option gives a very different feel to a video.

5. Can you provide examples that you like for style, music, narration?

Do some googling or go to YouTube and find video examples whose styles and presentations you like and think would work for you.

6. Do you want the video to be like a documentary?

Would you like lots of talking heads? Maybe you want to create something impressively cinematic. Spend some time searching YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Identify videos you would love to have as your own, whether they are from the same industry or not. Look for stylistic examples.

7. How will the video be deployed?

Will the video be embedded on your website, used in an email campaign, or shown at a tradeshow? Will the video be hosted by you, YouTube, Vimeo or another third party?

8. What is your deadline?

Specify a deadline at the beginning of the project. Identify how you want to take delivery of the final product.

9. What do you want your video to include?

Identify content. Explain what you can already bring to the table — locations, contributors or a celebrity for voiceover. You may have archive footage that you would like to feature or you might want to include an interview with your CEO. All of these need to be addressed during the pre-production phase of the project.

10. What available resources can you leverage?

Do you already have videos that can be repurposed? Something that can become a script? Brand and logo creative guidelines that we need to follow?

11. What’s the context or emotional goal for the project or event?

What is the big picture for why you are considering this video project? Will this, for example, be the first in a series of videos or a one-off effort?

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Cristina Fernandez – UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital