Video Production

After the pre-production phase comes the actual video production process.

By now we have carefully identified your filming requirements and project scope. Careful planing is critical for your project’s success.

Video Location Considerations

  • Location becomes the next challenge.
    An inspiring backdrop or interesting room will add value.
  • The location must be quiet and without distractions. Be aware of ventilation noise and unwanted sounds.
  • A large room can provide an expansive, cinematic look.
  • For depth of field, a blurred background look, can be a desirable effect for interviews. For this effect, it’s necessary to plan for space in front of and behind the camera.
  • If shooting outside on location, be aware that lighting will change throughout the day. Morning and late afternoon are optimal times to shoot. If the shoot takes longer, it may take another day, which can add to the budget.

Considerations on Production Set

  • It takes time to set up cameras and assess the room for the right framing and camera angles. A good videographer will have years of experience to find the best position in any environment.
  • Using multiple cameras will add visual variety, and each camera must be color balanced and matched to have a consistent look.
  • Good lighting on set is essential. For a typical interview shoot, a three point lighting setup is used. A key light is the main light, a back light (or hair light) to separate the subject from the background and a fill light to fill in shadows.
    Lighting adds mood and each shoot is different depending on the subject matter and the mood you want to convey in the final product.

What to Wear for Your Video Shoot

  • What you wear can make a difference. Avoid wearing stripes or patterns.
  • Don’t wear all black or white. Stick with neutral tones, gray and pastels.
  • You don’t want to blend into the background so if you know ahead of time what color the background will be, avoid wearing that color. Avoid green if you’ll be in front of a green screen. Bring a few different outfits, just in case.
  • Don’t wear dangly jewelry, especially bracelets, as they can cause unwanted sound.
  • If you wear contact lenses or glasses, wear contacts if possible, as glasses can reflect lighting glare. If you have anti-reflective glasses, do wear these.
  • Sometimes we use a little powder for both men and women to remove unwanted shine on faces and heads. It can be a good idea to bring a brush, comb and tissues.

The Experience of Being Filmed

  • It’s totally okay to be nervous in front of the camera. Most people are! Remember that each section can be filmed again until you’re happy with the result.
  • We try to avoid using a teleprompter, as the results can be stiff and forced. We want the result to be natural and conversational. Practice at home until you’re comfortable.
  • Remember that we can easily edit out small mistakes to create a perfect product!

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