Don't cancel your event. Live Stream it!

Live stream your event

New and old clients are inquiring about my professional multi camera live streaming services. Live streaming your event is the nearest experience to actually being there.

Minimize Exposure & Stay Connected

Don’t cancel your event. Live stream it!

The Corona Virus (COVID-19), first detected in China in December, is now an international epidemic. Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb believes that the U.S. needs to “close businesses, close large gatherings, close theaters, cancel events.”

What If You Can’t Just Shut Down?

How do you minimize everyone’s exposure, remain healthy and stay connected with your team and your clients? How can you keep moving forward? 

Have a Presentation Scheduled?

Don’t cancel it; rethink it. Alan Cash Video (ACV) will professionally live stream it in glorious high resolution and crisp audio to any streaming platform. ACV will also incorporate presentation slides to keep the presentation lively and informative. Your clients and your team can log in from home.

This epidemic will run its course. In the meantime, we need to accept the fact that we’ll be inconvenienced and our lives will be disrupted. Businesses are canceling large conferences and events. A basketball tournament game was played to an empty gymnasium. Stanford and other universities are turning to remote classes for the remainder of the term. Italy shut down the country’s entire northern region over a weekend to try to contain the virus.

Forget Shaking Hands

We’re now doing elbow bumps! This virus is highly transmissible, easily spread from person to person. Those most at risk are the elderly and young, those with compromised immune systems. Everyone is encouraged to take precautions and follow recommendations for frequent hand washing. At least for the duration of COVID-19, we’re no longer shaking hands, we’re doing elbow bumps.

ACV: Committed to Video Excellence

Our clients know that Alan Cash Video is committed to video excellence. Whenever possible, we strive to support organizational transformative change through video. Identifying new ways for companies to communicate with their teams and clients during an international health crisis is consistent with our goals.