Proud Graduates receiving their diploma

Proud Graduates receiving their diploma

Graduation Tradition

It’s a once in a lifetime achievement and a memory that will stay forever.
It marks a special moment in one’s young life and will mark a new beginning.

Graduations are a lasting tradition that say farewell to adolescence. They open the doorway to adulthood and to the next chapter of life.

Today’s graduations are bigger than ever, often held in stadium grounds and larger venues.

The tradition apparently dates back to Europe from the 12th century and still has all the pomp and circumstance it deserves.

Graduation Event Video Format

ACV had the honor to film an array of live streamed graduations this season. 

The logistics are always different, but the events all follow pretty much the same format, lasting between 90 mins to 2 hours.

As videographers, our goal is to keep the action moving, make the presentation look beautiful and include crisp and dynamic audio.

We love incorporating crowd scenes and close ups of excited graduates waiting for their big moment.

We use a variation of framing windows, including: two/three boxes, Picture in Picture, graphics and lower thirds. Using these elements brings visual variety and engagement, just like high quality TV.

Graduation video: 2 box example

Graduation video: 2 box example

Graduation video: 2 box example

Graduation video: 2 box example

Graduation video: 2 box example

Graduation video: 2 box example

Streaming Graduations to YouTube

Most of this year’s events were streamed to YouTube. We film in the highest resolution (1080p) depending on network strength.

Normally we set up the day before, depending size of venue, start time and overnight security. We use a team of video professionals and the set up takes between 4-6 hours (depending on complexity).

Graduation videography team at ACV

Graduation videography team with Alan, Saboor and Mitch

We like to use at least a minimum of 3 cameras or more to capture all the angles. This adds dynamics and excitement.

Alan Cash filming graduation event at Dominican University

Alan Cash filming graduation event at Dominican University

Graduation Video — A Digital Gift

Our goal is to create a lasting a memory for the students, something they can one day show their grandchildren and say, “that was me”. It will become a digital heirloom to pass along in their family history..

This post is aimed mainly at faculty, because they will be making the decision about budget and what goes in to making the event great.

A beautiful and well recorded graduation video is a gift of a lifetime for all those involved. Make sure you hire the right production company that achieves that result.



Here are a few ACV highlights of 2022 high school and university graduations:

Benicia High School 2022 Graduation

Cal Maritime University 2022 Graduation

Dominican University 2022 Graduation


Please contact ACV for your next graduation. We can handle all of your audio visual needs and have the tools, the knowhow and the experience to make your event a success.