Professional Live Streaming Event

Live Streaming a conference to the Zoom platform

Here are some tips that will help you make the right decision.

Pricing for professional Live Streaming varies across the board and companies come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of one man bands and smaller outfits that do good work. They can be very reliable and often save you money.

Larger live stream companies have bigger clients on their books with even more assurance, but, often at a hefty price.

Wirecast Live Streaming Equipment

Three cameras with Wirecast Live Streaming Equipment streaming to YouTube

The best way to find a reliable and trustworthy live streaming company is a recommendation from someone in business. Someone that has already used a company and had great results.

If that is not an option, use a Google search in your local area and check out reviews online.

Once you find a company you trust, set up a video call with your team and discuss all aspects of your live streaming event.
Make sure the collaboration will be a good fit and take note of the clients that they have worked with. You might want to ask for a reference from a former client so you have first hand experience.

A professional live streaming company should initially send out a questionnaire to fully understand your event.
The process of writing the live stream event brief will aid focus to your project.

What is your budget?
Do some research and compare at least three different companies with the same criteria. You’ll soon get a sense of what you’ll get for your budget.

A multi-camera live streaming event in San francisco

A three camera live streaming event to YouTube in San Francisco (Kandji)

CPM Teacher's Conference Hyatt Regency Ballroom in Burlingame

CPM Teacher’s Conference live stream to Zoom

Describe your event

  • For example: is it a panel discussion with key note speakers, a product demo, a lecture or a family celebration etc?
  • Provide video example links that are similar to your event so your production company can match the style.
  • Provide schedule information and contact details of where your event will take place.


  • What is the network speed at the venue? (Ideally at least 50mbps UPLOAD speed).
  • Most live stream companies will offer an alternative Cellular Bonded system if network is not available or sufficient.
  • Hardwired network is essential rather than using WiFi.
  • WiFi can be used in some venues, depending on bandwidth. Ideally you will need a dedicated private network.

Bill operating a Peplink cellular remote bonded network system

Bill operating a Peplink cellular remote bonded network system

Set up

  • Will setting up the equipment take place the day before the event, or will it be on the day of?
  • If set up is the day of, is there adequate time? This depends on the start time of the event.
  • In the case of setting up the day before, will there be security to guard equipment overnight?


Live Stream event for Bumblebee Spaces (YouTube and Zoom)

Live Stream event for Bumblebee Spaces (Simulcast to YouTube and Zoom)

  • How many cameras will be required?
  • Ask your production company what camera angles will be used; close, wide, medium wide, audience etc?
  • The production company will assess whether video risers will be required.

Hybrid or Virtual?

  • Is your event a mixture of live participants and remote guests?
  • Is your event virtual with no audience and only remote guests?

Streaming platforms

  • What social media streaming platform will you be using?
  • A pre-planning / test session before the event is essential.
  • Discuss your method of how you will be sharing back end stream key credentials.
  • Will your live stream be integrated into your website, if so, discuss embedding requirements.
  • Do you require a Simulcast with multiple streaming destinations, if so which platforms ?

Audio requirements.

  • Is there a sound system in the event space with an audio engineer?
  • How many mics will be needed?
  • What type of mics will be used (lavaliers, wireless hand mics and over head shot gun mics etc)?
  • A dedicated sound company may be required for more complex audio setups.

Staging requirements

  • Staging is normally the role of an A/V company.
  • Will a podium be required?
  • Will the A/V company be responsible for providing video risers

Projection requirements

Projection screen at the Chinese American Allianze Live Stream

Projection screen at the Chinese American Alliance Live Stream to YouTube

  • Who will be providing screens/ monitors or a projector at the venue?
  • What content will be projected?
  • Most A/V companies offer screens and monitors.

Venue Lighting

Is there enough natural light or will lights be required? This should also be assessed during the site survey.

Remote guests

Integration of remote global staff members at Arteris IP

Integration of remote global staff members at Arteris IP

Will remote online guests be part of the event? (heard through PA and seen on screens?)

Lower thirds, graphics etc.

  • Are lower thirds and graphics required? Lower thirds are titles and descriptions of key presenters that appear on screen. Allow for pre planning expense if this service is needed

Projected media 

  • Will slides be switched by presenters with a remote clicker?
  • Do you require the production company to switch slides or show videos using pre loaded media?
  • Do you require a presentation clicker? 
  • Any media can be connected to the live stream switcher and projected onto screens in the room.

Down stage monitoring

  • Do you require confidence monitors so that presenters can see media/slides without turning away from the audience.
  • How many confidence monitors will be required?


  • Is chat an option you wish to incorporate? How would that work?
  • Do you intend to use captions through a third party or through a platform based service (eg YouTube)?
  • Does your live stream need to be password protected?


  • Do you require an HD or 4K program recording of the event? (Some companies offer HD streaming and 4K recordings).
  • Recorded content of your event can be evergreen and used in multiple ways after the event.
  • Ask how many editing revisions are included after the event video.
  • Do you need your production company to sign a NDA?


Many businesses have adopted live streaming as a core marketing strategy with increased attendee participation anywhere in the world. Community and family celebrations now have the option to easily connect friends and family that could not otherwise attend an important event.


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