Online Training Videos

Smart companies know the benefits of professional, carefully crafted training videos. These methods are transforming the way companies train their teams in today’s business environments.

With many employees distributed across locales or working in satellite offices, videos have become an economical, effective way to share information. Our priority is making your training video engaging and enjoyable, with high-quality video and audio.

Benefits of Online Training Videos:

  • New product rollouts and equipment demonstration trainings get a whole lot easier with a video; Teams can review the videos according to their own time zones and schedules.
  • Management and salesteam training—new programs, and coaching—are all being delivered through video training programs.
  • Recording or even live-streaming training sessions can be a good way to share the excitement and insight from conferences and other events. Sales teams are bringing that knowledge home and sharing it with their groups.
  • We integrate presentation slides into your live-event video to focus on key points.
  • Recording and sharing information from your internal subject matter experts should be part of every business’ procedures.
  • We combine important messaging with a compelling visual approach.
  • The training video can then become part of your video resource library. Your team can learn at their own pace for an optimal learning experience.
  • Graphics, titles and key points can be added in post-production.
  • When your event is over, we upload a web-ready file of the entire session.

Prior to Filming

  • We provide a live event brief to gain a thorough understanding of your audience and training video goals.
  • ACV will schedule a pre-training meeting to discuss a filming strategy that will maximize your learning experience.

Technical Details

  • Alan Cash Video uses 2-4 state-of-the-art pro video cameras and high-quality audio.
  • We film in HD 1080p up to 4K that provides superior resolution.
  • We can accomodate a PowerPoint presentation, music or other media and several presenters.
  • The use of a green screen can provide a complementary factor, adding unlimited backgrounds that are superimposed behind the trainer or main subject matter. 

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“Alan was great to work with!  He came in well prepared and very professional.  He communicates well, is very responsive, and the video quality is excellent! He went above and beyond many times to make sure I got everything I needed to make my video what I wanted it to be”.

Andy Clower – Fitness Evolve