Alan Cash Video (ACV) had the unique opportunity livestreaming Reid Hoffman, Internet entrepreneur, Microsoft Board member and co-founder of Linked in.

Hoffman was in conversation with the Right Honorable James Cleverly, the UK Conservative politician and current Home Secretary. The Home Secretary was on a short tour of the US.

The event took place on February 28, 2024 at the Microsoft HQ office in San Francisco.

UK Home Secretary James Cleverly Reid Hoffman Live streamed to Linked in - filmed by Alan Cash Video

UK Home Secretary James Cleverly in conversation with Reid Hoffman Live streamed to Linked in – filmed by Alan Cash Video (ACV)

We arrived early on the day to set up for this event. This was a high level live stream shoot to Linked In and it had to go without a hitch.

ACV has live streamed and filmed countless corporate and non profit events (big and small) all around the Bay Area since 2014, including live TV.

Check out a short promo video of the event:

We do an extraordinary amount of pre planning and testing to make sure everything works perfectly at every event.

Technology can throw a curve ball when you least expect it. Testing everything thoroughly beforehand, and not relying on luck, is what makes us feel confident.

When we hit the Go Live button… the livestream has to work seamlessly!

Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness”.

My father always told me, ‘Luck has no place in business.’ Now I see, it’s about preparation and creating your own opportunities.

When you love what you do and are 100% committed to satisfying your client, you create a vortex, where people can’t ignore you. Paying attention to the details and ensuring client satisfaction is what ACV strives for; embodying the essence of creating one’s own luck in business.

Equipped with two professional Sony FX6 cameras, a production monitor, and a video switcher, we ensured top-notch visuals. Additionally, we delivered a reliable PA system and closely monitored sound quality. Despite the straightforward technical setup, the pressure was on due to high expectations.”

The Microsoft event was a resounding success! Our client left extremely satisfied and it left us paving the way for future live event streaming opportunities.

Thank you to the the San Francisco British Consulate who referred my company to the Home Secretary’s UK team and Microsoft. We made some good contacts in the process that night and were grateful for the opportunity.

The talk focussed around the safety of internet in an Ai era with comparisons in the UK and US. Reid Hoffman, who’s knowledge and success in the internet world is highly regarded.

You can watch and listen to this compelling talk at this link.

Thanks for reading!

Alan Cash