Live Event Videography

ACV will professionally film your personal milestone or corporate business event in high resolution and crisp audio. We will then supply you with an HD 1080p or UHD 4K video which can then be edited for personal use, promotional purposes, (shared on social media) or on your website.

Live events can be filmed with multiple camera angles for visual variety which will keep your audience engaged longer online. You might even want to consider making a short sizzle video from your live event footage to promote next year’s event. Or perhaps you will want to live stream your event for maximum realtime participation, which can include remote attendees, Q&As, chat and more.

Live event videography  includes:

Public or Corporate Events

•  Conferences
•  Panel discussions
•  Press conferences
Keynote presentations
•  Product rollouts
•  Worship services
•  Theatrical performances
•  Concerts

Private Events

COVID-19 has now opened up additional live streaming areas, all of which can belive streamed to major platforms.
•  Virtual Zoom conferences
•  Virtual high school graduations
•  Virtual recitals

•  Virtual funeral memorials
•  Virtual celebrations

The list is endless. Any event that you want to film and record can either be documented Live Event Videography or Live Streamed

Live Event Video as a Training Tool

ACV is working with an increasing number of companies that understand the benefits of using live event videography as a training tool. They avoid the high cost of employee travel and provide one-on-one communication. Companies can archive these trainings, allowing employees to access them and learn according to their own schedules.

Meeting client expectations

Careful planning goes into each live event production. Every project includes a pre-production creative brief. By identifying goals, budget and other priorities at the beginning of the project, we are more likely to meet client expectations.

Once the footage is filmed, we manage the project through post-production and final edit, then prepare it for distribution, web integration etc.

Technical Details

We can do a simple shoot with just a single camera or additional cameras that will create a more interesting end result with a higher level production. Multiple cameras will ensure more visual variety, including closeups of the speaker from different angles, the audience and the venue. ACV has always invested in the latest video production state of the art equipment.

Technology and reliability

Live event planning is extremely important to us. We always carry spares for key systems and can deploy in case of equipment failure.
Our experience suggests that reliability and success is a result of when all processes are pre planned and backed up with multiple devices.

Planning and filming your live event (videography or live streaming) is something we take very seriously. We have a deep commitment to getting everything just right, by testing, preplanning and having years of practice and experience.

We will do all our best to make sure you are totally satisfied with our service from start to finish. 

Our Video Production Includes:

  • Multiple professional cameras
  • Wireless switching technology
  • High-resolution filming (1080p)
  • Optional 4K for superior quality
  • Presentation slide integration
  • High-quality crisp audio
  • Web-ready HD archive copy

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“Alan is excellent at his craft, and always finds a way to go above and beyond in both his service and the end product. He definitely knows how to over-deliver on his commitments. Alan did two full-weekend LIVE shoots for me, and did an amazing job on these videos.

Chris Kyle – Launch Academy