Live Streaming a private funeral

Live Streaming a private funeral using three professional video cameras and streamed to Zoom

Live Streaming a Private Funeral

Alan Cash Video offers professional high resolution funeral live streaming with multiple cameras. This service provides an opportunity for friends and family who cannot join in person to view the whole ceremony.  ACV pays attention to every detail as well as being discrete at all times during the service.

Preparing for the funeral live stream

The funeral took place at Greer Family Mortuary in Alameda. Stu and I arrived at 8:30am and we had a two hour setup. We were dressed for the occasion, looking dapper with face masks and protective gloves.

The chapel was a very intimate affair. The current ruling on public gatherings allows a very small number of people in one room. There were 11 who were grieving the loss of their loved one. Everyone attending wore face masks and were separated from one another.

Our goal, as professional videographers, was to catch the event in entirety.  We had to capture the music, the memories of participants and the eulogy given by the minister.  The event was live streamed in high resolution to the Zoom platform and it had to be done right first time with no room for error.

The live stream had to be done right first time with no room for error

Before we started the stream, we made sure that all Zoom attendees could see the broadcast and hear in high quality. We also enabled chat so attendees could leave messages.

Setting up a live streaming funeral

Setting up a live streaming funeral


The layout consisted of three professional Sony FS5mkiii video cameras – one above the open casket, one focussed on the minister and another wide angle so that online attendees could see their relatives and friends in the chapel.

The camera over the casket had to be as high as possible looking down into the coffin. A beautiful bouquet of flowers sat on top, so we had to place the camera correctly, obviously making sure it was safely locked down in position. Each camera had a wireless video and audio transmitter which eliminated trailing wires and cables.

I was born into a religion that did not have an open casket tradition, so it was the first time I had seen this. The deceased person looked peacefully asleep and beautiful.

Stu was in charge of switching all three camera angles with gentle fades from one angle to another.  I focussed on filming the key speakers and monitored the overall production. We lit the chapel with some subtle warm lighting, just enough to make everything look pleasing on video and not distracting to the participants.

A memorial is a celebration of someone’s life, and our online participants were truly grateful for our service. They even requested a copy of the ceremony which is included in our package.

Live streaming a private funeral

Live streaming a private funeral – Minister giving a eulogy

It is a fact of life, people unfortunately die and this service is much needed at this time. It’s difficult enough for those who have lost loved ones, but for relatives and friends not being allowed to attend a funeral is heartbreaking.

Lucky, we live with amazing technology and this is a great example of bringing people together for an important occasion. It might not be the same as being there, but it is the next best thing.

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