Post Production Phase

After filming, your video footage will need to be professionally edited. During post production, all of your footage comes to life.

  • Editing is the process of eliminating unnecessary footage so that your story will be clear, concise and compelling.
  • We use state-of-the-art software, Adobe Premier Pro, the industry standard for editing and post-production.
  • Post-production editing can include special effects, music research, voice-over narration, motion graphics, lower-thirds titling, graphics and still-image picture research.
  • Good editing requires discretion. Simple is often more effective than a busy video. A successful video tells a story in 2-3 minutes. Engaging viewers from the beginning, before they become distracted, is always our goal.
  • ACV offers a full editing and post-production service. Each video has different post-editing requirements. A live-event video, for example, might require basic camera cuts from one speaker to another. This is generally a quick and easy process and can also be done live.
  • A promotional video may will require multiple enhancements to help it stand out in the marketplace.
  • For a typical promo piece, we start by assembling rough cuts into a manageble format. Then we polish and tweak it into a finished product, often going back and forth with our clients.
  • Color correction, or altering the color using filters, can create an effective mood and is often the final process.
  • You also might want to use end-cards or rolling credits to end your video.
  • There are many considerations in planning your video, so the more information we have at the beginning of the project during the Pre-Production Phase, the greater the chances for success.

Contact Alan Cash Video for your post production requirements: 510.590.8532

Alan Cash is one of those rare individuals who brings the highest levels of excellence, integrity and passion to his video work. Alan exceeded our expectations. His on site leadership and subsequent editing was superior, creative and timely. Our finished product draws attention to CXAM’s powerful message each and every day friends and clients visit us. Thanks Alan!
Ed Bantlow – CXAM