Live Stream Event at Alan Cash Video

Kandji Live Stream Event. Photo by Justin Hearn

Live, Virtual, and Hybrid Video Events

In the past, live events were held for all those who were present in one meeting space, but now the rules have expanded:

  • Live events – generally in one meeting space
  • Virtual events – an online only gathering
  • Hybrid events – a mixture of online and in person, also can be known as a Virtual Hybrid Event

What is the best approach for your event?

There are a number of different questions to take into consideration when planning your next event.
– What is the size of your event space?
– What is your timeline to set up the event?
– Where are your attendees located?
– Where are you participants located?
– What is your budget?

Live Events

Live video event at CPM Teacher's Conference Hyatt Regency Ballroom in Burlingame

Live video event at CPM Teacher’s Conference Hyatt Regency Ballroom in Burlingame

There’s nothing better than real time, in-person face to face interactions. Body language is a crucial factor in our expression and connection to one another.

Going back to live events after COVID allows us again to fully engage and interact with others who have interests in common. The above is an example of a recent live event that was streamed to YouTube.

Live events will always be the most popular method in any industry. We are socialized beings and need human connection for relationship building and successful future collaborations..

Virtual Events

Virtual video event setup using Wirecast and Rendezvous applications

Virtual Event setup using Wirecast and Rendezvous applications

Virtual event setup at Alan Cash Video

Virtual event setup

Virtual events can be cost effective, easier to set up in less time and with less budgetary constraints. These events are ideal for panel discussions, interviews, educational forums and non profit fundraisers. They normally last around one to one and half hours duration. All attendees are online in either a webinar or interactive setting.

Hybrid Events

Virtual hybrid video event with picture in picture format

Bumblebee Spaces Virtual Hybrid event showing picture in picture format

Virtual hybrid video event at Bumblebee Spaces

Virtual Hybrid event at Bumblebee Spaces in San Francisco

Hybrid virtual video event for Arteris IP

Virtual Hybrid event for Arteris IP

Switching station for virtual hybrid video event

Switching station for Virtual Hybrid event

Hybrid events are a combination of live and virtual and are the best of both worlds. These events are in a live event setting with face to face attendees and virtual guests that can be brought into the program during the schedule. These events can include in person audience guests as well as online audience attendees. Normally these events are in a webinar setting depending on level of interactivity. 

Hybrid events are a combination of live and virtual — the best of both worlds 

There are many ways to set up your event, each having technical complexity in the way they are planned. The plus factor is that virtual guests and attendees can be anywhere in the world which is an efficient cost saving method as they don’t need to physically attend.

A Hybrid Virtual event brings people together by using in-person and virtual attendees in one space.
These events can be social, celebrational and professional and give those who attend an interconnected virtual and live experience.

The common goal for a hybrid virtual event is to bring people together for a shared purpose to inform, educate and share information

Live Streamed Events

All the above can be live streamed to any social media platform using in addition, a combination of video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Blue Jeans etc. that incorporate real time interaction.

Making the right choice

I hope the information above helps you make the right decision for your next event.

Please get in touch if you’re still unsure which method works best for you.

ACV Real-World Video Examples

Here are three examples of our work using a Live Event, Virtual event and Hybrid Event.

Live Event

CPM Educational Live Event

CPM Educational Program was a live event held in early 2022 at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA.

The conference showcased inspiring keynote and interactive sessions, and offered ideas and strategies for education professionals to take back to their classrooms. CPM authors, teachers, administrators, teacher-leaders, and others shared their knowledge, providing insights into best practices in teaching mathematics.

CPM Educational Program – This event was live streamed to Zoom.

Virtual Event

Forget Me Not Non Profit Virtual Video Fundraising Event

Acknowledge Alliance  held a fundraising virtual event in May 2022

ACV took care of all the technical details using Wirecast and Rendezvous conferencing platforms. All guests were virtual using a graphic layout and the production was then streamed to Zoom as the main attendee platform. 

Acknowledge Alliance is a non-profit organization focused on younger person’s education and mental health. 

Acknowledge Alliance – Non Profit Fundraising exclusively Virtual event

Hybrid Event

Bumblebee Spaces Virtual Hybrid Event

Bumblebee spaces held a promotional product launch and technology day in June 22 to promote their innovative space saving furniture designs. 

ACV used the Zoom platform for participant interactivity and then live streamed the entire production to their YouTube channel.

Bumblespaces use innovative technology with space saving and beautiful modern furniture products.

Bumblebee Spaces – innovative furniture space saving solutions – Tech Day Hybrid Event through Zoom and then live streamed to YouTube

Please contact ACV for your next event whether live, virtual or hybrid. We can handle all of your audio visual needs and have the tools, the knowhow and the experience to make your next event a success.