Filming Fullstack Deep Learning Training seminar

Alan Cash Video live streamed a two-day software engineer bootcamp by Full Stack Deep Learning (FSDL). The workshop was an intensive, pragmatic approach to coding and artificial intelligence (AI) from real-world experts. As video experts, ACV also supports ongoing learning and development.

The training at the Sutardja Dia Banateo Auditorium on the UC Berkeley campus in November, 2019, was Alan Cash Video’s second shoot for this organization. The bootcamp was sold out, and coders from around the world participated via Zoom.

The Sutardja Dia Hall on the Berkeley Campus

This two-day video event has an extended shelf life:

  • During the workshop, the group split into teams, and the video was used as a training guide that users could reference.
  • Thanks to live streaming, we were part of an educational process, helping people gain a pragmatic understanding of how to put AI to work.
  • The video has been archived; it is accessible to other developers who are embracing AI as a new communication format that is still in its infancy.

“Professional, reliable, accountable, communicative. Alan followed up on every last detail of our videography up to and including the weekend of our event. After the event he patiently helped us go through 6-7 rounds of editing in order to make sure the videos met our standards. Truly an excellence team member who we would absolutely love to have join us again! Thank you Alan!”

Live streaming set to the Zoom platform

ACVideo: Committed to video excellence

Our clients know that Alan Cash Video is committed to video excellence. Whenever possible, we strive to support organizational transformative change. This shoot aligned with many of our own ideals, including our commitment to our clients and getting it right. This project did require a significant amount of post-event editing, but we wanted FSDL to be completely satisfied with the final product. We look forward to future collaboration with Full Stack Deep Learning.