Impact Experience in conjunction with the Steve Fund at Stanford University

Alan Cash Video (ACV) filmed a two day offsite for Innovation experts Impact Experience. Their mission is to create environments where teams are given resources to challenge the status quo—blowing out boundaries to drive change and growth. Committed to video excellence, ACV strives to promote issues that create transformative change. 

Impact Experience was founded by CEO Jenna Nicholas

Nicholas combined her Stanford MBA with a passion for social impact and change. At Impact Experience, she and her team direct investment to some of the country’s most vulnerable communities. Impact Experience proves that when vision and action coalesce, they can be a formidable force.

A focus on the Steve Fund, which supports mental health for college students of color

In this case, Impact Experience’s client was the Steve Fund, the nation’s only organization focused on supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of college students of color.

Impact Experience at Stanford University

The Steve Fund works with colleges and universities, nonprofits, researchers and groups serving diverse populations. Its goal is to build effective programs and strategies that foster emotional wellbeing of students of color throughout their higher education experience. Programs are designed to reach these students on a variety of levels, including technical assistance, self-care workshops, support for families and a series for LGBTQ students.

Bringing together a group of stakeholders

“The Steve Fund and Impact Experience brought together a diverse group of committed stakeholders–investors, foundations, public health researchers, entrepreneurs, mental health experts, technology companies and community leaders–to collaboratively ideate innovative solutions to tackle challenges related to mental health disparities and develop creative, intentional programs in the Bay Area for youth and young adults of color.”

Watch Impact Experience Video

ACV: Committed to video excellence

Our clients know that Alan Cash Video is committed to video excellence. Whenever possible, we strive to promote issues that create transformative change.
This shoot aligned with many of our own ideals. We look forward to future collaboration with Impact Experience and The Steve Fund.