Promotional Videos

High-quality promotional videos help raise the visibility of your brand, introduce new products or services and increase sales.

Studies show that video marketing can grow leads by 400%. Promotional videos also help retain your website audience—users tend to stay on your site 2-3x longer if there are compelling videos to hold their attention.

Getting Started: The Creative Brief

We first ask our clients to complete a creative brief at the beginning of every project to identify goals, budget and other objectives. This is a great starting place and we can formulate ideas from here.

A team you can rely on

Saboor Bidar and Alan Cash

Alan with Saboor Bidar. My right hand man!

We will first gather all the information and then plan every aspect needed for success. ACV are a commited team and will go the extra mile until you are totally satisfied.

Planning Your Promotional Video

  • Script – You’ll need to write a compelling and informative script, then review it with our team. Make sure you’ve included an attention-getting introduction, a conclusion summarizing key points and a call to action.
  • Timing – We recommend two to three quality minutes. Time yourself and edit where necessary. Use action verbs and short sentences. Slow down and speak clearly.
  • Content preparation – Be comfortable with your content so you can speak conversationally to your audience. We can use a teleprompter, but for some, it makes the delivery too stiff. A professional voiceover narrative can also be a good option.

Selecting and Using B-Roll

  • You’ll want to include cinematic B-roll in your video to provide visual variety.
  • B-roll footage plays in the background behind the dialog and is an important part of telling an engaging story.
  • The more B-roll we film, the better the end result.
  • Make a list of the essential shots you want to capture so that your script and B-roll shots follow the storyline.
  • The other alternative is to select B-roll footage from stock websites.
  • You might consider special animation or white boarding techniques as the B-roll.
  • We will brainstorm your ideas so that storyline content combines with visual flow.

Video and SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)

One very good reason to be including promotional videos on your website is for its SEO value. According to Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic will be represented by video by 2019—but you’ll need to work it.

Some best practices include sharing promotional videos on your social sites. A video on Facebook gets 135% more engagement than a photo. Experts also recommend including a transcript. Remember that Google ranks on keywords—the search engine needs content to be able to rank a page.

Best Practices

A best practices tip: Brand your video—include your logo and a call to action. Most of our clients load their videos to Vimeo or YouTube. Remember that YouTube is the second most-used search engine, lagging behind only Google.


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I needed a promotional video made for my company but I didn’t feel very comfortable talking about myself. Alan made it easy for me to feel natural and relaxed and before I knew it he had shot everything he needed in one day. He worked his editing magic and pulled it all together in no time.

Rose Balderian – VM Works