Live Streaming

ACV will professionally Live Stream your event to all major streaming platforms, including Zoom, FaceBook, YouTube and Skype.

Why use ACV for Live Streaming?

In a word Experience! ACV have years of Live Streaming knowledge and experience. We’ve produced hundreds of large scale, medium and small productions in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. This includes; corporate and public sectors, non profits as well as live TV.

Mr Wonderful on video set at Clos Pegase

Filming Mr Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) on set for the QVC TV live broadcast

Live streaming setup using 4K switcher on Spider Pods

Two camera Live streaming setup using 4K switcher on Spider Pods

Experience, backed up with meticulous pre planning, have made us experts in our field. Our past client references are available for added reassurance.

Chris behind the live stream rig

Chris behind the live stream rig

We specialize in:

Corporate Events

•  Conferences
•  Panel discussions
•  Press conferences
•  Live TV broadcasts
•  Annual Galas
•  Kick off events
•  All Hands Meetings
Keynote presentations
•  Product rollouts
•  Symposiums

Public Events

•  Fundraisers
•  Worship services
•  Theatrical performances
•  Music concerts
•  Public lectures

Private Events

COVID-19 has opened up additional live streaming areas as follows:
•  Virtual Zoom conferences
•  High school graduations
•  Private celebrations
•  Recitals
•  Live stream funerals and memorials
•  Celebrations of life

Cal Maritime Graduation Live Stream

Cal Maritime Graduation Live Stream


We also can simultaneously livestream your event to multiple social media platforms in real time. This means you can stream to Zoom, Facebook, YouTube and Skype (and other major platforms) to reach a wider audience. Check out our Simulcasting blog for more information.

Hybrid Live Streaming events

A hybrid event is a combination of an offline and an online event. For example, Live events require all the attendees to be present in a physical location at the time of the event, virtual events are those in which everyone attends online, and hybrid events are a combination of both. Therefore some attendees are in person and others attend online.

Virtual Events

A virtual event involves people interacting virtually on the web rather than meeting at a physical location. They can be highly interactive, aiming to create a similar physical experience. Virtual events are cost effective and save on travel expenses. They are an essential method of online engagement for many organizations in the post COVID era.

Pre-planning your event

We will provide:

  • A pre-event Live Stream brief to gather details, including budget and goals.
  • A one hour pre-event strategy meeting on Zoom to discuss all aspects of your event
  • A site survey to test all connections at the facility, including network upload speed, camera placement, lighting, audio options, general lay of the land and everything to ensure a successful broadcast.

Live Streaming production includes:

  • Multiple HD cameras with state-of-the art technology.
  • Multiple camera angles: wide shots, speaker closeup shots, medium shots, profile-angle shots and audience reaction.
  • Hardwired connectivity from camera to camera
  • High end switching technology
  • Media integration / PowerPoint presentation slides.
  • Picture in picture (PIP) with custom made backgrounds that include corporate branding, speakers and presentation slides.
  • Lower thirds (set up in advance)
  • Count up / down timers (set up in advance)
  • Remote guest integration
  • Live streamed / filmed and switched in HD 1080p.
  • Live streamed / filmed in UHD 4k and simultaineously streamed at HD 1080p (premium higher level quality service)
  • Live Streamed to every major streaming platform : Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, GoTo Webinar and Skype for business.
  • Professional high-quality crisp audio.
  • Peplink Cellular Bonded Network (if facility does not have strong bandwidth or to be used as back up).
  • Two day turn around for event web-ready HD archive recording

Picture in Picture (PIP) Integration

Picture in Picture example Showing additional ASL box

LUMA Picture in Picture example PIP

ACV can create custom made backgrounds that include corporate branding and picture in picture (PIP) of presenters and Power point slides / video media. This provides the online viewer with a  professional and engaging TV style broadcast. Layouts can include multiple graphics and media boxes, corporate branding and other creative additions. The above examples show presenters, presentation slides, audience and ASL (American Sign Language) configurations.

Technology and reliability

Planning for Live Streaming is extremely important to us. We always carry spares for key systems and can deploy in case of equipment failure.
Our experience suggests that reliability and success is a result of when all processes are pre planned and backed up with multiple devices.

ACV Guarantee

ACV records to multiple devices with every production. This is to ensure everything is backed up and recorded in multiple places. We don’t leave anything to chance as our clients rely on us to provide high quality results. If you are not totally satisfied, we will either re-shoot if possible, or refund your investment. We are totally commited to every project and will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied from start to finish.

Online Platforms Favor Live Streamed Content

Online social media platforms favor live content. If you stream live on Facebook, the chance of your followers seeing it on their newsfeeds is higher than if you share an image or a video on demand. YouTube will also favor live video on its searches, as will a growing number of other platforms. Live Streaming also has the highest rate of engagement of all content types because live is live and it’s happening right now.

Any Format Works with Live Streaming

A simple shoot can filmed with a single camera. A complex shoot will require additional cameras, a live switcher for multiple angles, presentation slides and media integration for projections etc. A higher production level event adds to the visual variety and will keep your audience engaged longer online.

COVID-19 and Beyond

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the need for live streaming has skyrocketed. “Going Live” has now become essential for all sectors of business and community life. Live Streaming has become a valuable and necessary tool as it creates connection, engagement immediacy and financial return.

As of this time, our production service will still to continue to incorporate safe Covid-19 video production practices for saftey of crew and audience.

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“With extremely short notice, Alan was able to come in and live stream our company’s All Hands Meeting. Alan was very professional and the video was of very high quality. Outstanding to work with and would recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality videographer!”

Jerilyn Cashion – WANdisco