Zinier co-founder Arka Dhar

Alan Cash Video spent two days filming Zinier’s annual offsite for global employees and management team at the Hyatt Burlingame. Zinier is using artificial intelligence (AI), to transform the way field-service companies are managing—and maximizing–their workforces.
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Zinier Conference at the Hyatt Burlingame

Palo Alto’s Zinier, AI is transforming the field-service industry

Field-service companies are dispatching workers to install, repair or maintain equipment or systems. This covers a wide range of companies these days—these are the guys who install your cable and fix your washer or dryer. They’re the electricians who troubleshoot your electrical problems or deal with the downed power lines after a storm.

According to Forrester, field-service workers will become the face of the company for organizations in a wide range of industries. “These customer interactions are by far the most personal channel for customer engagement, and they can make or break a relationship.”

Zinier is using AI technology, leveraging analytics to manage scheduling and dispatching. It relies on account skills, tasks, work orders, assets, timesheets and service policies.

A return engagement for ACV

This was the second engagement for ACV at Zinier, an intensive two days of filming all keynote presentations and demonstrations. Both days were filmed in high resolution using a live switcher, making post production and editing cost effective.

Video ROI for Zinier

Once the film was finalized, these presentations were segmented and uploaded to Zinier’s website. Because much of the material was a discussion of company strategy and goals, it’s a valuable resource that will be used for trainings and other purposes for the company’s individual teams.