WANDisco Live Event Video for Sales Kick-Off Event in Seattle’s W Bellevue Hotel

I was delighted when an existing client, WANDisco, called to see if I was available to film a corporate live streaming of a two-day sales kickoff for their global team at the W Hotel in Bellevue, Seattle WA. Once again, I packed my gear and took off for the airport. 

Sales Event Live Streamed to Zoom Video Webinar

WANDisco’s high-energy sales event was live streamed to the Zoom Video Webinar platform. This tech company’s meeting focused on corporate live streaming demos from their sales and engineering teams. Remote speakers from different locations could interact back and forth with presenters and audience. We incorporated each presenter’s high-resolution, real-time slides. Working closely with the hotel’s AV team to set this up, the remote Zoom streams were seamlessly amplified and projected onto two screens.

The live stream will start shortly

About WANDisco Live Analytics

WANDisco specializes in distributed computing, ensuring data consistency and availability across multiple data centers. They’re based in the UK and San Ramon, CA. As a company with an international footprint, live streaming sales meetings are a high-impact, cost-effective way to bring their team together for a sales kickoff or information sharing. More about WANDisco.

At the end of the event, the live stream was already edited, enabling me to give my clients a high resolution recording within 24-48 hours. In addition, individual training and sales presentations can be segmented for company archives and accessed by team members on their own timelines. 

Greetings from Seattle!

Even well-planned sales meetings can start to drag. During one of the breaks, a woman blended delicious smoothies as she pedaled a stationery bike! At the end of day one, I snuck in some sightseeing. Hey, I was in Seattle! I could not miss the spectacular sites from the magnificent Space Needle. I then hiked over to the Pike Place Market for an authentic Italian pasta. After a jam packed evening, it was back to the hotel to prepare for the next day’s shoot. 

Greetings from Seattle

Testimonial from WANDisco

I have live streamed several WANDisco’s past events. From Jerilyn Cashion (executive assistant to the CEO) “With extremely short notice, Alan was able to come in and live stream our company’s All Hands Meeting. Alan was very professional and the video was of very high quality. Outstanding to work with and would recommend him to anyone looking for a high-quality videographer!“

Alan Cash Video: Committed to video excellence

Our clients know that Alan Cash Video is committed to video excellence.  Helping our clients communicate in new and more effective ways through all aspects of video communication.