Alan Cash live streaming at the Kapor Center for Social Impact.  The studio hub (center) wirelessly links to professional video cameras and is live edited via an Ipad.

Anyone with a cell phone today can now live stream an event. Cell phone video streaming seems easy, but doesn’t provide the high resolution quality required for business and professional use.

High resolution multi-camera Live Streaming is ideal for:
• Corporations wanting to live stream a key-note speaking event, quarterly meetings panel discussion and conferences.
• Non-profits wanting to expand fund raising capacity, competition events and Annual General Meetings.
• Congregations wanting to keep their community connected to services.
• Sports events capturing fast paced action from multiple angles
• School performances, club activities, lectures and trainings
– The list is really endless

We use several professional video cameras showing multiple angles of your event. Each camera wirelessly transmits both audio and video to the Studio hub. That signal is then controlled by a single Ipad and broadcast over the internet.

Prior to the live event, ACV will conduct a site survey, testing connections and upload speed of the facility. It is important to use a direct wired ethernet connection with a fast upload speed. If that is not available, WiFi can be used, but it is not as stable.

We check to see if we can connect into the facility audio system or if we need to organize mics and sound equipment. We also assess all the locations for the setup of cameras, and lighting. Presentation slides can be included as part of the stream mix.

We stream to Facebook Live and YouTube Live and can also stream simultaneously to both platforms gaining even more exposure.

YouTube Live
YouTube is currently dominating video viewing. YouTube Live is like a TV station, with the added bonus of being able to broadcast globally.
You Tube allows high resolution broadcasts up to 1080p.

Facebook Live
FaceBook is the king of video marketing tools. Adding video, and your online viewership increases. Creating a Live Stream Video and your organization reaches new heights of possibilities. Facebook currently has a resolution limit of 720p.

There are a lot of moving parts to a successful Live Stream and a lot can go wrong.
If you want to showcase your live event, it’s critical to have professionals who have experience and the knowledge how to do it.

For more information please contact ACV at 510 590 8532